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Technický obor

Work at the airport

8. 2. 2019

Your job

Aircraft acceptance (presentation of brake pads, delivery of ground power)
Loading and unloading of aircraft and transport of luggage, cargo and mail
Operation of aircraft and luggage handling equipment

Your qualification:

Completion of training is desirable
Good knowledge of the German language (B1)
Ability to work carefully under time pressure and physical stress
Driving license of category B

What our customer offers:

Marketable reward
Individual training
Team environment
Internal training

Gross hourly wage: 10.13 EUR

Price per day / day: 5,00 EUR

This gives an approximate net salary of € 1600

Bonus Participation:

From the 11th working day - 20th working day again 10.00 EUR / day

From the 21st working day 20,00 EUR / day

for example, the MA works for one month in 22 days, then receives EUR 140.00 of gross subscription fee

Split bonus for services: 40.00 EUR / services split

for example, the MA works from 8:00 to 12:00 and from 18:00 to 22:00, receives a bonus service.

Supplements: 25% Night, 50% Sunday + 100% National Holiday

50% discount on the dining room

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