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We are a Czech personnel agency providing comprehensive professional services for personnel leasing and human resources. We will arrange high-quality manpower for your firm. Fast, straightforward, no worries—it’s our responsibility.

Is it the climax of your season, an extraordinary order, a higher-than-usual sickness rate? Are you encountering a lack of experienced and qualified people? Or do you just need employees for a specific period of time? We will handle your worries! We will find you high-quality, reliable and skilled professionals who will pull the thorn out of your side.

What we do

  • We look for appropriate employees in accordance with your specific requirements and needs.
  • We verify potential workers’ abilities and skills.
  • We handle the administrative stage of the hiring process. We conclude a contract of employment.
  • We handle the administrative stage of the hiring process. We conclude a contract of employment.

In a personnel leasing arrangement a worker is our employee—we handle all salary and personal work with him. At the end of the month you only pay for hours actually worked.

Benefits of personnel leasing:

  • You do not have to perform your own recruitment.
  • You only have as many employees as you need to cover your production capacity.
  • The administrative work does not burden your personnel department. You do not have to maintain personnel files.
  • The costs of temporary work do not appear in your salary costs.
  • A temporary employee is an agency employee—in the event of a reduction in the labour force there are no legal consequences for you.

The Work Prosperity agency was founded in 2013. We have been gaining in experience in personnel work and recruitment for five years, including three on the German market, and we make use of it daily when working for our clients. Trust. Reliability. Fair dealing. These are our values.

Work Prosperity will give you a helping hand!

For Companies

Hiring high-quality employees is sometimes a long-distance race. At Work Prosperity we will be happy to run it for you!

Through our employees we will arrange the running of a whole operation, production or departments at your company, or create a specialised team for the realisation of a specific project.

Why use our services:

  • In Germany you don’t pay social or health insurance for the employees.
  • You don’t pay tax for the employees.
  • The option of rapidly ending the employment relationship in the event you are dissatisfied with an employee.
  • We handle the administration.
  • We deal with the financial aspect through monthly invoicing.
  • We deal with the financial aspect through monthly invoicing.

Do you need more than 50 workers in one period? We will automatically allocate a coordinator to you who will arrange the smooth running of all contractual obligations. We will make a minibus available to you.

We will provide your company with employees in accordance with specific requirements and current needs, whether for several hours, days or months.

For Jobseekers

Are you looking for work? We will take care of you! At our Immediate Work portal you can find the current range of employment opportunities.

Take advantage of the opportunity to obtain promising employment today. Immediate Work will do this for you.